The Accountable Kids Program

Accountable Kids is a unique parenting program designed to teach accountability and responsibility in the home.  It is a back-to-basics system which includes essential parenting principles and concrete stepping stones that strengthen relationships and build a foundation for success; an ideal program for ADHD natural treatment therapy. Children learn to balance choices and consequences in a fun, productive manner.  They experience the joy of being a vital, contributing member of the family and develop confidence and self-worth. The Accountable Kids program includes a book, Video links, Progress Board, 50 Reminder Cards, 3 blank Reminder Cards, 10 Tickets, 10 Bonus Bucks, 3 Special Date Cards, 4 Best Behavior Cards, and 2 Privilege Passes, and 2 sticker sheets.  The Accountable Kids program provides everything parents need to maximize efforts and bring structure and harmony into the home.

The final goal of the AK program is for children to discover that some of the most important rewards come from within. The AK program uses life lessons of completing jobs, earning privileges, displaying positive behaviors, and working for future rewards to develop positive character traits. Parents learn how children think, reason, and perceive life through fun experiments and simple psychological theories. The Accountable Kids program is divided into four basic steps. Each step introduces new concepts and tools to help parents take accountability to the next level.

Steps to Raising Accountable Kids

Step One: Children learn to take care of personal responsibilities without constant direction. They learn work ethics, time management, and responsibility. Children earn Tickets by completing basic chores. Tickets can then be used for activities or privileges. Tickets provide parents the ability to discipline without losing control or physical contact. Basic values are encouraged and reinforced with the Best Behavior Card.

Step Two: The Privilege Pass is introduced to eliminate specific negative behaviors. This process empowers children to predict consequences, follow rules, and redirect themselves towards positive behaviors. A Special Date Card is added to allow children to work for future rewards and enhance parent/child relationships.

Step Three: Completing basic chores provides basic privileges, but not the extras. Children earn Bonus Bucks for completing extra chores. This gives them the ability to make decisions about purchases. They experience the advantages of saving and learn to manage resources for the future.

Step four: The Family Forum presents an opportunity to discuss goals, problems, challenges, and accomplishments. It provides an opportunity to monitor progress and encourage positive behaviors. Quiet Time is introduced to refresh and recharge children and parents. It encourages the use of imagination, self-discipline, and self-entertainment.

Components of the Accountable Program

The Accountable Kids Book - The AK book teaches parents to how to raise Accountable Kids by establishing an effective parenting program in the home. This program takes the trial and error out of parenting with it’s guided steps, back to basics approach, and extensive research. Parents and children will enjoy reading this interactive book full of eye catching illustrations, helpful hints, and useful forms. The book is great for parents, grandparents, school teachers, caretakers, and anyone working with children. We recommend one book per home.




Instructional Video - An easy, four step guide for using the Accountable Kids program and customizing the tools to grow with your family. Video links contains 1 hour instructional video which is divided into four easy to watch steps plus the 12 minute Quick-Start video.


The Accountable Kids Kit - The Accountable Kids Kit is designed to compliment the AK book. It includes 1 progress board, 50 Reminder Cards, 3 blank Reminder Cards, 10 Tickets, 10 Bonus Bucks, 3 Special Date Cards, 2 sticker sheets,4 Best Behavior Cards, and 2 Privilege Passes. The kit is a perfect gift for children ages 3-14. We recommend one kit per child.





The Progress Board

The progress board is the central part of the program, providing a place to mark achievements and view goals. It is made of select white pine and laser engraved with fun graphics that help children know how to use the program without continual direction. The board can be stained, painted, or decorated.  To view decorated boards click here.  Dimensions are 11”X6”.

The Accountable Kids Cards

The kit includes fifty different Reminder Cards displaying custom art work representing different tasks. All cards are heavy weight, professional card stock and coated for extra durability. We have included 3 blank cards so you can customize the program for your child.  For a list of all Reminder cards click here. Reminder Card dimensions are 2”X5”.

The kit also includes Tickets, Bonus Bucks, Privilege Passes, and Best Behavior Cards.  The Accountable Kids book provides step-by-step guidelines to using all the components of the program.  All cards are heavy weight, professional card stock and coated for extra durability.  Card dimensions are 2”X3”.

10 Tickets

10 Bonus Bucks

4 Best Behavior Cards (2”X3.5”)

2 Privilege Passes

3 Date Cards

2 sticker sheets

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A unique parenting program developing:

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» Integrity
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» Empowerment
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